Distraught Lionel Messi trying to get out of his Inter Miami contract after learning Phil Neville is no longer the manager

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Lionel Messi is desperately trying to find a loophole that will allow him to walk away from his Inter Miami contract, after learning that footballing legend Phil Neville is no longer the first-team coach.

Messi’s move to Inter Miami has shocked the footballing world, with many believing he still had the ability to deliver at the very top of the European game.

However, Messi himself spoke of trying to further his footballing education under the former Salford City caretaker manager.

He explained, “I believe a footballer never stops learning, and though I could have gone to Saudi for a ridiculous amount of money, I decided instead to come to Miami to work and learn under the legendary Phil Neville.

“But now I am told Neville is no longer the manager here? How is this possible? Who could they possibly get to replace him that would have even 1% of the footballing genius of the slightly less-good Neville brother?

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“I am distraught. I have made a huge mistake.”

Meanwhile, Neville himself has insisted he is available for one-to-one coaching should Messi be interested, given he’s not exactly inundated with offers right now.