“Meghan did all of the Daily Mirror’s phone hacking” confirms Piers Morgan

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Piers Morgan has insisted today that Meghan Markle was responsible for all the phone hacking at Mirror Group Newspapers.

With details of Harry’s witness statement revealing that he felt ‘physically sick’ at the thought of Morgan listening to his mother’s phone calls, Piers Morgan has looked to defend himself by insisting that it was actually Meghan who did all the hacking, and that he knew nothing about it. 

Speaking earlier, the molten faced fustilug told us, “It was Meghan.

“Meghan did all the phone hacking, and she knew all about it, the horrible piece of work. 

“It definitely wasn’t me, and I never authorised any hacking, because I am a real stand-up guy who has never put a foot wrong, honestly.

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“Meghan definitely did it though, because someone down the pub told me who works for the Daily Mail, and I believe them. She should be put in prison. 

“My morals are right up there with the best of them, and as the editor of a national tabloid newspaper desperate for stories, I would never do such a thing.

“But Meghan would, and I hate her for it.”

Asked if he remembers Meghan actually working for the newspaper in 1996, we were told, “Yes definitely, she was on work experience with high school.”

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