AFC Richmond crowned Premier League champions after Man City found guilty of financial doping in the Ted Lasso universe

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AFC Richmond have been crowned Premier League champions for 2023 in the Ted Lasso universe, after Man City were docked 30 points for financial irregularities going back several years.

Despite finishing two points ahead of AFC Richmond in the regular season, Man City have been stripped of the title, and other trophies won during the period of financial doping.

The investigation into the financial doping allegations took just a few months, as you’d expect, rather than an inexplicably long period of time in which Man City can continue winning trophies and depriving those who play by the rules of winning anything.

Spokesperson for AFC Wimbledon, Leslie Higgins, told us, “Well, yes, great. Obviously we’re all delighted. We knew that Man City had been charged with over a hundred breaches of the financial rules, so I don’t understand why anyone thought these investigations would take longer than the end of the current season.

“I mean, how hard could it be? You simply look at all the money coming in, and where it came from, and then you decide if the club has tried to conceal any secretive funding from their owner. How hard can it be?

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“It’s a couple of weeks’ work, maybe a month or two if you’ve got some trainees helping you. But honestly, no one in their right mind would imagine this going beyond the end of the season.

“Anyway, I’ve got to go; I’ve got to call Ted and give him the good news!”

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