George Osborne disconsolate after learning the British public finally happy voting for man in hi-vis vest

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Former Chancellor George Osborne has today been left inconsolable after learning that the British voting public has decided they love a man in a hi-vis vest.

After Norwegian comedian Viggo Venn won this year’s Britain’s Got Talent, with the backing of millions of voting Brits, Osborne was left ruing the years of groundwork he put in to ensure the British public could take a man in a hi-vis vest to their hearts.

“That lucky sod,” Osborne told reporters.

“He owes me. That victory is as much mine as it is his. Geroge Osborne walked in a hi-vis vest so that Viggo Venn could fly in one.

“Do you know how many factories I visited in a high-vis vest, each time widely mocked and derided for trying to look like a working man? Yet I persisted. Whether the factory I visited made biscuits or cushions, whether they were building a nursery or a playground – there I was in a hi-vis vest, sometimes even a hard hat, slowly but surely changing the perceptions of the British voting public of men in hi-vis vests.

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“Well, enjoy your win, Viggo. You owe it to me.

“Well, me and the bin men.”

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