Tories set to go on the offensive as Labour immediately suspends MP accused of sexual harassment without first trying to promote him

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Labour is facing huge criticism from the Tory government after MP Geraint Davies was immediately suspended following allegations of sexual harassment without first attempting to cover it up, downplay the whole thing, or trying to promote him.

Davies has been suspended following the allegations, with party officials urging any women affected to come forward so that a full investigation can take place.

Tory backbencher Simon Williams told us, “Labour is setting a very dangerous precedent here. If we just go around suspending people pending investigation when they’re accused of doing something awful, where will we be?

“And what’s this call for further women who might have been affected to come forward? All that will do is lead to more women who were affected coming forward.

“This knee-jerk reaction will never lead anywhere good. Why didn’t they first try to promote him to chief whip? What happened to rehabilitation? The woke mob and their endless pursuit of justice will be the end of us all.

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“Any MP accused of doing something awful should be free to continue doing their job without consequences until such time as they are found guilty in a court of law. And my opinion on this matter has nothing to do with the growing list of accusations being thrown at me by so many of my previous female assistants.”

Tory strategists have warned against making too big a deal out of the suspension, as highlighting the fact that the opposition is a party full of sexual predators is probably a thread they don’t want to pull at too hard.

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