Future of the Mail Online in serious doubt following calls to ban ‘hate’ websites

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The future of the Mail Online has been thrown into doubt following calls to ban websites that promote hate and intolerance.

The online version of the Daily Mail could be closed down following an incident in the Cotswolds in which a Guardian reader of ‘questionable gender’ was snared in a beartrap.

Although no one group has admitted responsibility for the attack, anti-happiness organisation Christians Against Moral-Free Godless Sodomites have called for people to ‘take to the streets’ in the fight against things that don’t really affect them.

Speaking of areas with a high density of Guardian readers, anti-hate campaign spokesperson Nigel Wells warned that the streets could soon be running with hummus and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar unless something is done.

“There is a war coming, you mark my words,” he insisted.

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“This war won’t be fought in some far-flung country thousands of miles away by our brave soldiers. It will be fought on the streets of Britain, by you and me.

“On one side, you’ll have people who are adamant that the cause of the current economic crisis is the fault of Thatcher and Reagan, Page 3 models, processed food and people with a slap-dash attitude to recycling.

“On the other, you’ll have people who insist that it’s down to immigration, homosexuals, homosexual immigrants, women in trousers, aggressive homosexuals, aggressive homosexual immigrants and aggressive transgender immigrants in EU trousers.

“Why can’t people just hate each other in peace?”

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