‘It’s a fix!’ Frank Lampard fumes after narrowly missing out on LMA Manager of the Year award

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Frank Lampard has been left absolutely fuming after missing out on this year’s Manager of the Year award at the LMA awards last night.

With Pep Guardiola scooping the top prize, Chelsea interim manager Lampard was said to be completely livid at being overlooked for the award despite his valiant attempts to get TWO teams relegated in one season.

Speaking earlier, he raged, “Another four or five weeks and I could have done it.

“This is a complete fix if you ask me.  I have been completely overlooked; it’s a joke.

“No one has ever even been this close to taking TWO Premier League teams down in the same season before,  and I nearly did it.

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“I simply ran out of time with Chelsea that’s all, and Everton somehow fluked it on the last day.  

“But I did everything I could to ensure that they were shit and continually lost games, without scoring a goal in most of them. Five points from nine games would be about 20 points across the season, so I’m confident I could have taken them down given just a little bit longer.

“Then they give it to Pep, for simply winning a league, which has been done many times before; it stinks of a conspiracy to be honest. 

Asked if he feels he could get the award next year if he manages another team perilously close to, we were told, “Definitely.  I have no doubt I can relegate more than one team given the right chance”

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