Employees delighted after new member of staff turns out to be a grammar pedant

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Staff members at a Wokingham law firm have expressed delight upon discovering that a new joiner is a bit of a stickler for grammar and spelling.

Eleanor Gay, Manager of Slapp, Tickell and Wrythe solicitors, interviewed a number of candidates before settling on the applicant with the best handle on apostrophe usage.

She explained, “After just a brief glance at Simon Williams’ application form we knew he was the one for us, so in many ways, the interview was just a formality.

“His use of apostrophes was the thing that sealed the deal. After all, if we get those wrong then the fall of society is sure to follow soon after.”

Admin assistant Christopher James confirmed, “Oh yes, we bloody love it when Simon helpfully points out that we’ve used the wrong ‘their’ in an email.

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“We was always – sorry, we have always been – a hardworking team, but apostrophes confuse us so we’d be absolutely lost if we didn’t have Simon on board.”

He added, “I appreciate his input so much that I’m going to ask him to start checking and correcting my social media posts as well.

“I don’t know how we previously managed without him.”

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