Multi-millionaire perfectly comfortable with the idea of a recession if it makes it look like he’s good at his job

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Multi-millionaire and Chancellor of Exchequer Jeremy Hunt has this morning confirmed he is comfortable with the idea of the nation slipping into recession as long as it brings down inflation to give the impression he’s good at his job.

Hunt explained that inflation not coming down as fast as he would like could lead to higher interest rates which in turn could push the country into recession.

The Chancellor went on to tell reporters, “Recession is a price I am willing to pay. Yes, I am worth quite a bit of money after selling my online courses business a couple of years ago, so a recession isn’t going to affect me personally, but I would think it was a good idea even if it did.

“Sure, there are lots of negatives associated with recessions, things like job losses, people losing their homes, and less money being spent on the high street, but on the plus side, it can bring down inflation which will make a nice chapter in my memoir about how good I was at being Chancellor.

“I like to think ahead twenty years when people remember me as the Chancellor who brought down inflation, rather than the Chancellor who was in charge when mummy and daddy lost the house and we had to move in with Grandad.”

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