Man City put an end to concerns over Financial Fair Play breaches after revealing £300m fee for Ted Lasso cameo

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Man City have finally put an end to concerns over their financial irregularities after revealing they were paid £300m for their cameo in the Apple TV series, Ted Lasso.

Many football fans have questioned City’s success in recent years, over whether they could genuinely afford the players they have bought – especially given the 100+ financial irregularities currently being investigated by authorities.

However, those questions have now been put to bed after it was revealed the club was paid handsomely for their cameo on the Apply TV hit.

A spokesperson for Apple said, “We had an Abu Dhabi investor who was keen to put some money into the production of the final season of Ted Lasso, which we were obviously happy to take, and then we made them an executive producer.

“The money did come with the small caveat that most of it should go on securing the rights to use a top premier league side in the penultimate episode – but those sorts of requests are perfectly normal for executive producers.

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“Did £300m sound like a lot to spend for a cameo from a football team? Sure. But the money in football these days is crazy, right? And the investor said it was definitely the ‘going rate’, and he picked up the bill. So it’s all good.”

A spokesperson for Man City added, “We hope this puts an end to concerns over our finances and our ability to legitimately pay our way, as by branching out into television, we earned three Jack Grealish’s for approximately one day’s work.

“In case you were wondering if this was a one-off, we’re also in the season finale of Succession, with one of our games being shown on a TV in the background, for which we were obviously paid £150m.”