Everyone in household convinced they are the one who always takes the bin out

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All inhabitants of the same house have complained that they’re the only ones who empty the bin.

Bin owner Patricia Williams said, “My husband must be the only person on the planet who, when faced with a full bin, precariously balances a pizza box on the top. He must think there’s a bin fairy who sorts it out.

“I shouldn’t be surprised as cleaning isn’t really his forte. Still, I’ve managed to train him to flush the toilet – surely bin emptying is within his grasp.”

Patricia’s husband Simon said, “My wife likes a clean house, but she has a real blind-spot when it comes to the kitchen bin.

“Every couple of days I have to wrestle out an overflowing sack, cutting myself on tin can lids and getting leftover cottage pie wedged under my fingernails.

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“It then inevitably splits, and I have to somehow put the bin liner into another bin liner while minimising the amount of rotting vegetable matter that spills out onto the floor. The whole process takes about half an hour.”

Meanwhile, their son Ben said, “I’m three years old – putting my own shoes on is a hit-and-miss affair. Yet, for some reason, I’m always the one who empties the bin. I wouldn’t bother, but if I don’t, it creates a really unpleasant smell and guess who’ll get the blame for that?”

Bin management is also a thorny issue in student households.

“We’re in our final year now and, in a few months, will officially be members of the adult world. Why am I the only one with the maturity to see that dropping empty bean cans on the floor next to a chock-full bin is not an effective way to manage household waste?” said all four residents of a student house when interviewed separately.