US Republicans call for a boycott of the Indiana Jones franchise after learning of its strong anti-fascist themes

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Leading Republicans have called for a ban on the Indiana Jones franchise from all American streaming services after being told the main protagonist is well-known for anti-fascist violence.

Hot on the heels of their attempts to designate Antifa as a terrorist organisation, Republicans have moved to ban what many people consider the primary ‘anti-fascist’ in popular cinema.

Many MAGA-crazed Trump supporters who recently watched Raiders of the Lost Ark for the first time in years, have noticed that it is nothing more than a propagandist tool for feminists, snowflakes and antifascists who don’t like the fact that Donald Trump should be the president, and complained that Jones himself often resorts to violence when he doesn’t get his own way.

Trump fan and Republican voter Chuck Williams told us, “At one point, this so-called hero backs mechanic who was minding his own business into a plan propeller – so much for the tolerant left!

“Can’t a mechanic just go about his business in peace, without being attacked by violent anti-fascist thugs who don’t like his opinions on who should be allowed to live?

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“In another of these liberal propaganda movies, this one called Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, he actually throws another human being under the tracks of a tank, simply because he didn’t agree with his views on ethnic cleansing.  These anti-fascists need to be stopped, by whatever means necessary.

“Thankfully, the Republican party has started what I hope will end with a cull of these antifascist maggots and their so-called adventure films.

“With any luck, we can start on the rest of the movie industry next. I’m basically sick of the studios making films where the bad guys are always the people I like and look up to.

“I just want a nice Hollywood blockbuster where the fascist oppressors come off best, is that too much to ask?”

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