Desperate Rishi Sunak chases President Zelenskyy to the airport in hope of securing one last photo opportunity

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Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has been spotted chasing Volodymyr Zelensky’s presidential motorcade towards the airport in the desperate hope of getting a nice photo for the album.

Sunak, who is under increasing pressure from inside his party for taking a terribly performing government and making it even worse, is desperate for some positive PR, and is confident the Ukrainian President can provide it.

An aide to the Prime Minister told us, “Rishi was absolutely frantic at the prospect of the public not being inundated with photos of himself and Zelensky; smiling, shaking hands, hugging, that sort of thing.

“Photos with the Ukrainian president are just about the only thing keeping Rishi alive these days – he even flew to Ukraine a couple of months ago to get another one – so to find him on his doorsteps but not get a large number of photo ops is unthinkable.

“He realised that despite all the cameras when they were together, he didn’t have one of them doing a thumbs up to the voters, so he immediately ran out into the street to chase after him, but he just missed the motorcade, which was already on its way to the airport.

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“Then, to make matters worse, there were no cabs where he could issue the instruction ‘follow that motorcade’, and so he had to start running. The last time we saw him, he was breathing very heavily and running in the general direction of Stansted.

“If he gets the in time, be prepared for a sweaty middle-aged version of the final airport scene in Love Actually.”