Pig receives cease and desist letter from M&S after naming one of her piglets ‘Percy’

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A pig from Berkshire has had to change the name of one of her seven children after retailer M&S insisted the use of the word Percy should be reserved for their brand of products only.

The move comes after a photo was shared on social media of the proud mother and her new piglet, Percy.

Pig and mother of seven, Dierdre, told us, “It’s not exactly how you want to start a Monday morning – by having to rename one of your children because M&S didn’t like the name you’d given them, but this is the world we live in I guess.

“I tried to explain that it’s just a name, and a coincidence that he also happens to be a pig, but their lawyers reminded me that the farmer will sell him at some point, and that commercial gain from the use of the name ‘Percy Pig’ is not allowed.

“I have no idea what they’re talking about with all this ‘selling him’ rubbish. That’s not going to happen, obviously. We’re going to live on this farm until we’re all very old, or we’ll move to the retirement village where all the other pigs seem to go each year.

“Either way, we’ve started calling him Dave, which is confusing as we already have a Dave. Yes, pigs are smart; but another new name to remember is probably a bit much.”