Alt-right commentators keen to distance themselves from Dallas shooter who shared every single one of their beliefs

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Commentators and personalities with right-wing views on immigration, nationalism and ‘woke ideology’ have been quick to distance themselves from the Allen, Dallas shooter, who appears to have believed absolutely everything they have ever said.

Mauricio Garcia shot and killed eight people before the police shot him, and officials report the shooter had a number of Nazi-related tattoos, wore a badge related to the right-wing proud boys, and had a social media account filled with content from people like right-wing podcaster, Tim Pool.

However, many leading right-wing personalities have been quick to insist that the things they say have no effect on the people who hear them.

One such personality agreed to speak to us on the promise of anonymity – so we’ll call him Bligel Garage – told us, “Yes, there does appear to be some superficial agreement in the sort of things we say and what this shooter believed.

“We both talk about the invasion of our native countries by, we both talk about the threat to our nation’s identities, we both believe woke ideology is a cancer, and we both loudly proclaim that something must be done while invoking violent rhetoric.

“But I’ve not shot anyone, so that makes us completely different.

“Anyone who suggests this guy was inspired by people like me simply because he agreed with every position I’ve ever taken, and because he decided violence was the only way to address the extremists hordes trying to take over our countries is absolutely nothing to do with me.”

Non-morons have however recognised that words matter, and that increasingly visible public figures demonising and dehumanising large groups of people because of their colour or religion will definitely encourage violent extremists to take matters into their own hands.

Maybe, just maybe, we’ll finally accept that extremist terrorists can also be radicalised white people who’ve been manipulated by the far-right into hating immigrants.