Royal-crazy Brits already looking forward to King Charles’s funeral

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The huge success of the weekend’s coronation has got royal-crazy Brits excited for the next big Royal ceremony – King Charles’s funeral.

“I can’t wait, I think it’ll be ever so moving, and the whole country will come together in a huge moment of collective grief; it’s going to be wonderful. I’m ever so excited,” said ice cream van racer Eleanor Gay.

“I do hope it comes soon, I’d like for my mum to still be with us so we can all enjoy it together.”

Ms Gay has already started making plans for King Charles’s funeral

“We’ll, I’ll try and do the queue twice this time. I only did it once last year, and I regret that because it was lovely.

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“Then I’m going to cover my entire house in a huge black blanket and spend the week in my front garden berating people who don’t look sad enough. I’m ever so excited.”

Others were looking forward to the funeral, but with some reservations.

“I’m sure it’ll be tremendous, because no one does this sort of thing better than us. But there’s one thing that’s bound to happen and just ruin it for everyone.

“I bet that bloody Harry turns up, doing the whole ‘being sad’ thing that he does. But, secretly he’ll be hoping the whole thing is about him. He’s just going to end up spoiling it for everyone. Well, I won’t give him the satisfaction, if he does end up going to his father’s funeral then I’ll simply throw my tv out the window. That’ll show him.”

Although no one knows when the funeral could happen, it is thought that there is a request in to try and avoid a World Cup or Olympic year, so there is no prospect of a clash.”

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