Man wondering if he can talk about Fight Club yet

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51-year-old Simon Williams is wondering if he can talk about Fight Club yet, we can confirm.

Simon, who in the late 1990s was a member of an organisation of men who met to beat the snot out of each other in basements and car parks, has kept the club’s primary prohibition – not to talk about it – ever since, and is wondering if it’s now okay to start.

The club was very strict about its rules at the time, but it all seems so long ago now.

“I used to go along to work out my existential horror at being a man in an era where the highest I could hope for was a mortgage and a telephone job dealing with insurance claims,” he told us.

“But now I’ve got a family of my own, and quite a nice job with my own office and a lot of holiday.

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“I always told my wife I lost two teeth and got a scar over my eye from falling off a bike, rather than my mate Darren bouncing my head off a concrete floor, but it’s been twenty years and I wonder if she actually ought to know what I spent my thirties doing.

“I tried to get in touch with the organiser – guy called Tyler Durden –  a while ago to ask if it was okay, but the man who answered the phone just said there was no such person and hung up, so I figured he’s trying to leave it all behind as well.”

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