Prince Andrew to miss Coronation after double booking brunch at Pizza Express 

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Prince Andrew is set to miss the King’s Coronation today after double booking a brunch at Pizza Express. 

With the Coronation set to take place this morning,  Prince Andrew has had to pull out at the last minute after realising he was booked into Pizza Express in Woking for a lovely brunch at 11.30 am. 

A spokesperson for Prince Andrew confirmed, “There’s no way he will cancel; he bloody loves Pizza Express.

“We can confirm that Prince Andrew will not be attending the coronation of His Majesty the King. 

“As he has a booking at 11:30 at his favourite restaurant, which he absolutely loves. Yes he does.

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“Obviously, he is disappointed to be missing such an occasion. 

“But he’s pre-ordered the dough balls, so he’s really really excited.”

Asked if he could have just cancelled the booking and gone to Pizza Express another day, we were told, “He’s pre-ordered the dough balls, were you not listening?” 

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