King late for Coronation after Harry hides his underpants

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The King is running late for his own Coronation after Prince Harry hid his underpants. 

The King is running late for his own Coronation, it has been revealed, after Prince Harry hid his underpants. 

With the Coronation was to take place this morning, but the King was spotted running around the Palace frantically this morning after Prince Harry tried to sabotage the event by hiding his lucky pants. 

A spokesperson for the Royal family confirmed, “Meghan made him do it.

“His Majesty the King is running a little late this morning as he couldn’t find his underwear. 

“We can confirm that Prince Harry was spotted emerging from his bedroom laughing earlier and appears to have hidden them. 

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“The little shit. 

“It’s probably all Meghan’s idea trying to run the day.”

Asked if they have now been found, and the King is on his way, we were told, “He’s had to borrow some of William’s, and William is going commando. Fuming, all of them.”

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