Harry surprised to discover Westminster Abbey has a naughty step

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Prince Harry is reported to be ‘deeply upset’ that he was unable to film the Coronation on his phone for Netflix, after being made to sit on a ceremonial naughty step dating from the 15th century.

Harry had brought an iPhone 11 specifically to record ‘Hazza’s report’, his new series with the popular streaming service.

However, his view was blocked after he was made to sit on the Stone of Naught – a roughly carved block originally made for people who had annoyed Edward III to sit on.

“It’s an ancient and important tradition”, royal correspondent Simon Prince-Williams told us.

“After the black prince ran away with a theatre maid and wrote several chronicles about how the king didn’t think he was best, the stone was introduced to be a cold, damp seat to hopefully give royal interlopers piles.”

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The stone has been stored in Westminster Abbey ever since, and was last used when Queen Victoria’s son Edward turned out to be Jack the Ripper.