The voters didn’t back us because we still let trans people use the toilet of their choosing, insist Tories

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The Conservative party is laying the blame for their disastrous local elections result squarely at the feet of those preventing them from demonising further minority groups.

With the Tories having already lost over 600 seats, and with a further 100 councils still to report results, the backlash inside the party has already begun, with MPs like deputy chairman Lee Anderson blaming the party for not adopting his full-throated culture war stance.

He told reporters, “It’s been a bad day at the office, certainly, and the voters have made their voice’s heard. They have told us in no uncertain terms that they don’t care about the cost of living crisis, or inflation, or a stagnant economy, or Brexit turning out to be shit, or nurses having to use foodbanks – they care about the fact that transpeople STILL have the option of using whichever bathroom they choose when they need a piss.

“They care about the small boats, and they care about civil servants being too woke. Trans, boats, woke. Do you get it now?

“This result is nothing but a thorough endorsement of all the things I’ve been saying since I became an MP. It’s my 3-point plan for election victory. Demonise minority groups, blame them for everything, get re-elected.

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“I’m telling all of my colleagues not too late to get behind my plan, and I will be explaining to Rishi at the first possible opportunity that I’m the only one who can save him.”

The cycle of every Tory government