King Charles seen filling supermarket trolley with booze ahead of ‘big party weekend’

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King Charles has been seen filling a supermarket trolley with various alcoholic beverages ahead of what he told fellow shoppers was ‘a big party weekend’.

The monarch, who is due to be coronated on Saturday, told fellow shoppers he had a number of family and friends coming for the occasion, and some of them drink like fish, necessitating the mammoth booze run to his local Tesco in Dedworth just outside Windsor town centre.

Shopper Simon Williams told us, “Yes, I was very surprised to see him spending so long in the booze aisle.

“Honestly, I would have thought he’d be more of a Waitrose man, especially there’s on walking distance from the castle, but he said he had a load of Clubcard points he needed to use.

“He also bought a load of mini pork pies, and God knows how many bags of crisps. The woman at the checkout made the obligatory ‘I hope this isn’t just for you!’ joke, to which he replied with the obligatory ‘Just having a quiet night in!’ response.

“I don’t know what sort of suspension they have on a Rolls Royce, but that thing barely moved when he loaded to boot full of booze.

“Looks like it will be a good do, though I’m guessing the bottle of Blue Nun is in case Meghan turns up.”