Bad things still the fault of people who left government thirteen years ago, confirm Tories

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Anything good happening in the country is thanks to us, and anything bad is the fault of the government that left power in 2010, the Tories have confirmed today.

Speaking to reporters ahead of this month’s local elections, backbench MP Simon Williams said that his government’s record on anything you are personally unhappy with, in the last thirteen years, including the cost of living crisis, inflation, wage stagnation, the housing crisis and massive government debt is all down the previous Labour government.

He explained, “Look, we’ve had over a dozen years to enact policies that allowed us to meet our forecasts and numerous pledges to the country, but for the most part, we haven’t done that – because of Labour.

“I mean, yes, technically, the mess they left behind in 2010 hasn’t changed one bit since that day, and when we took over in 2010 and said we would fix it – but that’s irrelevant.

“And I also know we’ve said many times during the last thirteen years that we would make everything better – and we haven’t done that either. But again – and I do hate to sound like a stuck record, that’s all Labour’s fault.

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“Let’s not focus on the specifics of why it’s Labour’s fault, because then you’ll realise you’ve had thirteen years of us saying we know what the problem is and how to fix it, and yet haven’t actually fixed the many numerous problems.

“So, I reiterate, it’s all Labour’s fault. Unless what you are hearing is good news, then that bit was all us.”

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