‘I won’t swear allegiance to some corrupt, self-serving,  heartless institution’, insists man who proudly votes Tory

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A man has insisted today that he will not publicly swear allegiance to a corrupt, self-serving, heartless institution, despite proudly voting Tory at the last general election. 

Simon Williams, who thinks the Royal family are racist, but likes Suella Braverman, revealed his decision earlier after hearing he would be asked to swear allegiance to the King at next week’s coronation.  

Speaking earlier, he raged, “I have morals, you know.

“There is no way I would swear allegiance to an institution so corrupt and self-absorbed. 

“That’s why I voted for Boris Johnson in the last general election, and proudly support the Tory Party. 

“Obviously any institution which will go to extreme lengths to look after their own at the expense of others in society should not be publicly endorsed.

“Unless it’s Tory politicians, of course, who I happily vote for every time,  regardless of what they do. 

“That’s why I will refuse to swear allegiance to the King at the coronation – because I value my integrity.”

Asked who he will be voting for at the next general election, we were told, “Conservative Party. Because I couldn’t give a shit about anyone but myself.”

“I voted Tory for a kinder, fairer society for all” said no-one ever