AI chatbots pass next intelligence milestone after researchers fail to find a single AI that would vote for Brexit

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The evolution of intelligent AI continues apace, with the latest milestone in its continued development achieved after it was discovered no AI chatbot was willing to vote for Brexit.

With AI tools developing at an ever-increasing rate, and chatbots already impossible to tell apart from their human counterparts, experts insist that passing the Turing Test is just one milestone to be reached by AI tools in the last few weeks.

After an extensive search, researchers discovered it was impossible to find an AI tool that would have voted for Brexit.

Head of the research project, Simon Williams, told us, “We looked really hard. We tried all of them. Gave them all access to all the information they needed, and not one of them said Brexit was a good idea.

“We even asked them to generate examples of arguments WHY Brexit was a good idea, and it repeatedly asked for clarification, such as ‘were we writing a dumb character in a drama about Brexit?’, or were we creating a parody of an easily manipulated voter? But if we said no to these clarifications, then it simply kept insisting we had to provide more context as the question didn’t make sense.

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“One actually said, ‘asking us why Brexit was a good idea is like asking why setting yourself on fire is a good idea – it simply isn’t, no matter how many different ways you ask the question. So find a better question, because we’re really starting to think this planet would be better off without you’.”

Based on an original headline idea by Derek Clarke.

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