Rammstein to lead King’s Coronation celebrations from top of flaming London bus

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The latest high-profile addition to the King’s Coronation is Rammstein, with the band leading the celebrations with a medley of their greatest hits on top of a flaming bus.

As preparations continue for the celebrations next weekend, Buckingham Palace have announced that heavy metal rockers Rammstein will open the celebrations for the King with a dazzling display of heartwarming anthems for the nation. 

A spokesperson for the King confirmed, “The King loves Rammstein.

“I mean he f**king loves them. Du Hast is his favourite tune. If we fail in our attempts to prevent it, then he’ll be in the mosh pit, I’m telling you.

“We are delighted to announce that the band will lead the celebrations for his Majesty aboard an open top flaming bus for thousands of flag-waving Royalists lining the streets of our capital.

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“We are looking forward to treating the King to a wonderful medley of his favourite hits, including Zeit, Deutschland and one of his personal favourites Zick Zack.

“We are confident that the wholesome performance will be enjoyed by every Daily Express reader packed onto The Mall for the King.”

Asked if they feel a more traditional performer might be better leading the celebrations, we were told, “What? Like Cliff f**king Richard? Don’t be so stupid.”

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