Woke Disney cartoons harm my child’s development, insists man who is fine with them doing active shooter drills at elementary school

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A man who is boycotting all things Disney because of the ‘psychological damage being done to children by their woke liberal agenda’ is perfectly happy that his daughter needs to practice active shooter drills at her elementary school.

Chuck Williams, 38, has cancelled Disney+ and thrown out all Disney-related toys belonging to his 8-year-old daughter Scarlett.

He explained, “I can’t have her young impressionable mind being damaged by the leftist ideology clearly being promoted by Disney’s cartoons and films.

“Did you know Donald Duck doesn’t wear trousers, like some sort of pervert. And now, down in Florida they want all of our kids to be homosexuals. How they got away with it for this long, I’ll never know.

“I will do everything in my power to protect Scarlett from anything that could hurt her psychologically, and I mean anything. Even a cartoon that shows a young girl turning into a red panda while going through the perfectly normal process of puberty.”

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However, Chuck doesn’t believe there is any issue with Scarlett participating in active shooter drills at her elementary school.

He went on, “Of course not; how can active shooter drills possibly be harmful? They are preparing her for real-life situations. Things that could really happen. Not disgusting things like puberty and having a crush on a boy.

“Just because every month, the school runs sessions where it tells the children to run and hide for their lives from a masked man who pretends to be there to try and kill them, doesn’t mean she will develop any sort of trauma-related psychological damage.

“You are comparing a young girl hiding under her desk from a masked man carrying a rifle to me taking her to a theme park that supports homosexuals. It is quite clear which of those is going to damage her the most, and if you can’t see it, then you probably need Jesus in your life.

“Look, in an ideal world, she wouldn’t have to do active shooter drills at all, but until the schools let these kids carry their own guns for protection, we don’t have much choice.”