‘We didn’t want to win the stupid league anyway’ insist Arsenal

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Arsenal have insisted today that they actually didn’t want to win the Premier League anyway because it’s stupid. 

With the Gunners doing everything they possibly can to completely blow the title race, news has emerged earlier from the club that the reason they have been so shit recently is that they don’t actually want to win the league, so there. 

Manager Mikel Arteta confirmed earlier, “Didn’t want to win it anyway; it’s a shit trophy.

“We decided a few games ago, when we were pissing it, that we actually didn’t WANT to win the Premier League because it’s boring and who cares.

“That’s why we decided to suddenly turn quite shit and completely lose our bottle, because we didn’t want to win it anyway.  

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“Obviously three draws and a defeat in our last four games is exactly what we wanted, in order to completely capitulate and hand the title to City.

“So that’s what we have done, because we don’t even care about the stupid league. It’s rubbish.

“And we are probably not going to win another game this season now because we can’t be bothered. SO THERE.”