Historic moment as staunch Yorkshireman crosses border into the south

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The world watched on in amazement today as a staunch Yorkshireman made history by crossing his county border and visiting the south.

Millions of viewers tuned in to witness live footage of Jack Cheesewright leaving Shipley railway station as he headed to London.

Cheesewright became the first member of his family to cross the divide since their renowned split in 1953, a huge fall-out caused when his since-disowned brother Arthur announced he was taking a job in Ealing to work with ‘books and that’.

But in recent months, relations between the north and south Cheesewrights have become far less hostile, leading to today’s amazing breakthrough that has surprised diplomatic commentators.

“Ee, it’s not too bad in that thar London, I suppose,” Cheesewright told the global press, keen to hear his first impressions having left his homeland in such historic circumstances.

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“It’s a bit like Yorkshire, but obviously not as reet grand. And a bit poncey.”

It is understood the two brothers offered each other a staunch handshake, nothing more, before falling into a conversation about the good old days in front of the cameras.

Things momentarily turned frosty when Jack discovered his brother occasionally watched Middlesex play cricket and owned a coffee machine.

But he was willing to overlook other lifestyle changes considered ‘normal’ in the more progressive south.

“The walls aren’t made out of stone, and Arthur doesn’t even own a sheepdog,” said a bewildered Jack.

“But at least he makes his own Yorkshire puddings and not those Aunt Bessie’s things.”