“I will never accept a microchip tag” insists man glued to his GPS-enabled 5G-capable camera and microphone

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A man has revealed today that he will never allow himself to be tracked using a microchip, after reading about the possibility on his GPS-enabled 5G-capable device equipped with a high-definition camera and microphone.

Simon Williams, who has only actually left his house twice in the last month but seems convinced that the government is intent on putting tracking chips in everyone, like we do with dogs and cats, told us, “I’m not falling for that one, no way.

“I’m not letting them track me 24 hours a day by planting some microchip inside me disguised as a lifesaving vaccine or health aid.  If I did, they could find out every single place I go, which at present is actually just the back garden and the off-licence up the road.

“It’s obvious what they are up to, I read it on my phone. Then another few videos popped up on Facebook saying similar things, so I read those, and shared and liked them, and then bizarrely, even more stories appeared saying exactly the same thing – which is just crazy, but definitely proves it’s true.

“It’s all about watching where we are going every day, and the chemtrails masts and stuff, they are just trying to track me.

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“That’s why my phone is over a year old. There is no way they can get any information from me on a backward piece of technology like that – the real threat is a microscopic chip small enough to go through a vaccine needle. They can put everything in that. Phones are only this big now to lull us into a false sense of security.

“Hey, if you want to know the truth and avoid all the tracking stuff they’re trying to bring in, you should join our Facebook group.”