Conservatives putting huge strain on public services, warn immigrants

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Immigrants working in the public sector have warned that the Conservatives are placing an intolerable strain on public services.

With junior doctors and nurses preparing for further strikes, and government funding cuts threatening vital services, immigrants insist the UK is being overrun by swarms of Tory cuts.

“Services are struggling to cope with floods of government demands to cut local authority spending,” insisted social worker Krisztina Ionescu.

“Housing is a real issue in many areas, but landlords are being given priority treatment.

“I’m not against ideologies; I’m against uncontrolled ideologies.”

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A government spokesperson reacted angrily to the claims and insisted the use of words like ‘swarm’ dehumanised Conservatives.

They added, “We’re just doing what we have to do in order to ensure we have a much, much, much better life.”