British government urges anyone fleeing Sudan to save themselves some time by turning around and heading south to Rwanda

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As fighting escalates in Sundan, British government officials have helpfully told anyone trying to escape the fighting that Rwanda is in the opposite direction.

Home Secretary Suella Braverman told those fleeing the violence in Khartoum, “I’m serious. Don’t even think about coming here. You’re not welcome.

“We don’t care if you’ve been working for us in Sudan, whether you speak the language, or whether you have connections here. We don’t care if your life is in danger and you’re being targeted by one of the warring factions. It’s as irrelevant to me as whether you play a musical instrument.

“Do not think for one moment that the fact you are fleeing for your lives means you will be welcome here as a refugee or asylum seeker. You are NOT welcome.

“So why make the 6,000km trek north to the UK in search of a better life, when you can make the 2,500km trek south to Rwanda instead? It’s where you’re going to end up if you try to come here, so save yourself some time and ask Google for the most direct route to Kigali.

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