‘It’s just the boost our beleaguered nation needs’ – Wild celebrations erupt as James Corden announces return to UK

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Wild celebrations have erupted across the UK today at the news that James Corden will be making a return to UK. 

With news emerging overnight that Corden will end his run as the host of The Late Late show and will be moving back to the UK, jubilant Brits began celebrating this morning at the possibility the star, who isn’t completely up his own arse, could be back on our domestic screens within months.

Local man Simon Williams from Leeds told us, “This is just what the country needs right now, definitely.

“Look, everyone is struggling at the moment, both financially and mentally, the government is full of twats and there is a war on Europe’s doorstep – so we needed something to cheer us up and something to look forward to.

“And what is better than that cheeky chappie, who everyone loves, and isn’t an annoying pain in the arse twat who apparently thinks he is fucking Jesus, coming back to grace us with his presence.

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“Hopefully he will be on EVERY F**KING SHOW ON TV within weeks of his return, and we can hear about his amazing adventure and the journey he has been on in America, over and over again.

“Obviously with the war in Ukraine, and the Cost of Living Crisis we are facing here, it will be great to have our favourite ‘comedian’ back to lift the mood of the nation.

“I just look forward to the day when he is back on Jonathan f**king Ross sat next to Piers c**ting Morgan and Jamie b*stard Oliver talking complete and utter shite.

“Finally, I will be happy again and definitely won’t want to drive into a wall just to make it all stop.”