School bully blames “activist students” for his exclusion

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Former Grange Comprehensive student Gavin Smith, 14, has lashed out at the “activist students” who tried to block his attempts to improve the standards at his school.

An investigation found he had repeatedly been “intimidating” and “aggressive” towards other students, creating an environment in which high-quality school work was difficult, leading to his exclusion.

Smith explained, “I’m sorry if I upset anyone, but simply pinning someone against a wall to demand a copy of their homework isn’t ‘bullying’.

“There were no atomic wedgies; there were no bog-washes. Just a load of activist students doing everything they could to bring me down because they don’t like how I do things.

“This school has a pecking order, and they did everything they could to undermine that pecking order, which is undemocratic, or something.

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“These woke activist students these days don’t live in the real world. If they don’t quickly realise that people like me are needed to toughen them up, then they’ll get a real shock when they join the workforce and find themselves working for someone like Dominic Raab.”

I survived working for Dominic Raab

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