Double-digit inflation is due to unavoidable global factors, insists man ignoring the fact all other G7 countries have much lower inflation

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The UK’s double-digit inflation is due to ‘unavoidable’ global factors, according to a man who has missed the fact that all the other G7 countries have apparently avoided them.

As the UK remains the only G7 nation with double-digit inflation, experts are wondering just how far Tory bootlickers are willing to take their delusion that this is all to do with global factors affecting absolutely every other country as much as they affect us.

Non-moron Simon Williams told us, “If our high inflation was because of global factors, then all the other G7 countries would be suffering similarly, but they’re not. Our inflation is 2% worse than the next worse G7 nation, and most of them have inflation at about half our own rate.

“Even the most deluded Tory supporters are a bit embarrassed by insisting the government has no control over inflation when it’s going up, but want to take all the credit when it’s going down. It’s the sort of hypocritical position that is entirely transparent to even a five-year-old.

“I suppose their position could make sense if they mean inflation was caused by ‘global factors’, if they mean it in terms of the way we’ve chosen to interact with the rest of the world, and all the intentional economic self-harm we’ve wrought on ourselves these last few years? That would make more sense.

“Still, it will be interesting to watch them all contort themselves into ‘we told you the government would bring it down!’ when last year’s energy price rise is factored into the inflation figures next month, and inflation starts to fall a little by default.

“Remember, when inflation goes up, it’s ‘unavoidable global factors’, and when it comes down, it’s ‘excellent fiscal management from a strong and stable government’.”