Coleen Rooney trademarks the phrase ‘Lying Sell-Out Bitch’

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Coleen Rooney has trademarked the phrase ‘Lying Sell-Out Bitch’ it has been revealed today. 

With news emerging that Rebekah Vardy has trademarked the phrase ‘Wagatha Christie’, further news has now emerged that Coleen Rooney has now followed suit by looking to trademark ‘Lying Sell-Out Bitch’ along with a further phrase of ‘Money-Grabbing Cow’.

A spokesperson for Coleen Rooney confirmed, “She doesn’t say who it’s about.

“However, we can confirm that Coleen Rooney has indeed bought the trademark for the phrase ‘Lying Sell-Out Bitch’ which she just fancied owning for some reason.

“She has also purchased a number of other trademarks including but not limited to ‘Money-Grabbing Cow’ ‘Rat’ ‘Betrayer’, and ‘I Hate You So Much’. 

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“And again, she has not specifically stated who, if anyone, the trademarks are in reference to, but she just fancied buying them today.

Asked to comment on the purchases herself and who they might refer to Coleen Rooney told us, “It’s………………………………… Rebekah Vardy.”