Rupert Murdoch furious at Fox News lawyers for depriving him of the opportunity to prove the journalistic integrity of his media empire

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Rupert Murdoch is on the warpath today after Fox News lawyers chose to give Dominion Voting Systems three-quarters of a billion dollars instead of letting him use open court to prove the journalistic integrity of his media empire.

With the huge settlement delighting both the owners of Dominion and anyone subpoenaed to testify as a witness in the case, Murdoch has bucked the trend by insisting he has been deprived of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

“How often do you get to speak under oath, to a nation, about the incredibly high journalistic standards we have at Fox News? Never. That’s how often we get to do it.

“These infernal lawyers have stolen that opportunity from me, and I couldn’t be angrier. Grrr.

“I could have stood before that jury and told the truth about how Fox News is the most ethical news organisation in the country, and that we would never, EVER run a story unless we believed in it 100%, and had multiple sources to corroborate any claims we made.

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“But now, all people will remember now is that we paid $780m dollars to avoid testifying. Which isn’t true. I really wanted to. We all did. Don’t let those depositions and email transcripts fool you – we had a really strong case.

“I am beginning to really dislike lawyers. Every time one of my companies goes to court, I end up having to write a really big cheque. If I can’t find better lawyers soon, we might have to start changing how we do business, and then where would the entire media industry be?”

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