Jacob Rees-Mogg shares instructions on how to remove batteries from your smoke alarms to avoid ‘unnecessary alerts’

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Jacob Rees-Mogg has given viewers of his GB News show instructions on disabling their smoke alarms, because “grown adults do not need the nanny state telling them when their house might be on fire”.

Just days before a nationwide test of the new alert system designed to let all mobile phone users know when there is an imminent risk to life nearby, Rees-Mogg has insisted such alerts are unnecessary, because of course he has.

Warming to the theme, Rees-Mogg also told viewers to take the batteries out of their smoke alarms, to diable carbon monoxide monitors, and to stop wearing seatbelts.

“The public has no need for these infernal contraptions, all they do is blast their incessant screeching when you’re trying to cook. The fact they are legally required is ridiculous, and a further sign that the nanny state is overreaching.

“You don’t need an alarm to tell you that your house is on fire, you will be sure to notice if that ever happens because the servants will be seen running and screaming into the grounds.

“Much like I told the victims of the Grenfell Tower disaster, all you need is a bit of common sense and you’ll be fine.

“So remember, nanny’s are good, but the nanny state is bad.”