Fears Harry and Meghan could be working on album

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Fears are growing that The artist formerly known as Prince Harry and wife Meghan could be working on an album.

“They’ve been a bit quiet for a while now; we know that they haven’t got anything official set up for this holiday season; they’re friends with a number of musicians. I’ll be honest, it certainly looks concerning. They could definitely be working on an album,” said entertainment blogger Simon Williams.

The album would most likely take the form of Harry duetting with Meghan over some light reggae, mild soul, and gentle funk.

The songs would comprise a mixture of songs they’ve written about how awful it is to be them and some covers of classic pop staples like Livin’ La Vida Loca and MMMBop. Terrifyingly, there is a consensus building that Harry might even turn his hand to rapping on a cover of 99 Problems.

“I mean, I think everyone knew it was coming at some point. Harry and Meghan were always going to assume people wanted to hear their music,” continued Williams.

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“But I thought it would be a few more years yet.”

Worryingly, the album could only be the start.

“Well, if they’re doing an album, a tour can’t be too far off, and a really alarming media blitz – a 90-minute Oprah special in which they perform their songs, explain how music has been a comfort to them, and call King Charles a cock? I would say that will definitely happen. 100%.”

The album is likely to release in the run-up to the Holiday season, and be called something like ‘The Music of Our Hearts, For You.’

It will be the first music released by a Royal since Prince Andrew’s controversial double A-side of ‘Young Girl’ and ‘Thank Heaven For Little Girls’.