Suella Braverman courts further controversy by wearing an ‘I love Golliwogs’ jumper

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Home Secretary Suella Braverman is once again trying to make Golliwogs an important political topic by wearing an ‘I Love Golliwogs’ jumper at her latest photo opportunity.

Just hours after being criticised by senior Tories for using racist language, Braverman has doubled down on her attempts to win the hearts of minds of the nation’s frothing bigots by sporting a lovely grey jumper with smiling Golliwog on the front.

Braverman told reporters, “Pretending that a Golliwog is racist is just woke nonsense, and that’s why I’m wearing this jumper in support of Golliwog lovers everywhere.

“Especially the golliwog lovers who run pubs, and like wearing British First T-shirts, those golliwog lovers in particular.”

Braverman went on to defend the golliwog as nothing more than a ‘children’s toy’.

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“Just because some people think it’s a racist caricature of black Africans, or a blackface minstrel, doesn’t mean it’s racist. Is Barbie racist against white people?

“Hell, if they can make a movie for Barbie, then they can sure as hell make one for the Golliwog. I’d watch it, though I doubt the wokerati at the BBC would be interested in making it.”

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