Prince Andrew furious after being told he can’t take a date to his brother’s coronation

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Prince Andrew is on the warpath today after Palace insiders revealed that he is not being allowed to bring a date to his brother’s coronation next month.

King Charles’ coronation will take place on 6th May, and Andrew thought it would be an opportune time to spend some quality time with someone from the opposite sex who is a little bit younger than he is.

A Palace source told us, “Andrew is insistent, that if he can’t wear his full Admiral’s dress uniform, then he must at least be able to drape an American teenager over his arm.

“For some unknown reason, he seems to think that as long as he stands next to Harry, then no one will care who is standing next to him, because the press will be too focussed on who isn’t stood next to Harry.

“It got pretty heated, and Charles even floated the idea of chemical castration – which we have to report was not dismissed out of hand.”

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Meanwhile, the press coverage is already gathering pace, and royal correspondents are busy brainstorming all the ways they will fill the column inches that aren’t being used to discuss Prince Andrew and the outstanding request to talk to the FBI about child sex allegations surrounding Jeffrey Epstein.

Reporter Simon Williams told us, “Prince Andrew’s alleged noncing is a big story, but we probably won’t focus on it, not at this time of national celebration.

“Much better to devote twelve pages to all the reasons why a mother of two didn’t fly across the Atlantic for a party to celebrate her father-in-law’s promotion.

“And yes, not one of the reasons is the media coverage she would receive either way.”