Air Force One put up for sale after Joe Biden buys round of drinks in Dublin

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Air Force One has been put up for sale by the US after President Joe Biden mistakenly got in a round with a stag do in Dublin.  

The President, who somehow ended up buying eight pints of Guinness along with some shots of Jägermeister revealed his catastrophic error earlier after almost having a heart attack last night when he was told the cost of a pint in the Irish capital.

Speaking earlier he told us, “Are they sure this figure is correct? When I converted it to dollars, it was like, a LOT.

“I’m going to have to sell the plane so I can pay for the all these pints. 

“And probably raise some more funds elsewhere, because I ended up getting the shots in too.

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“I knew that Dublin was expensive, so I was over the moon when this lovely guy bought me a pint.

“But then he said I had to get him one back, and then I was in this big round with all his pals. 

“I couldn’t believe the cost,  I thought they had made a mistake.  

“But they genuinely charge that for just ONE pint of Guinness these days!”

Asked how much the round was we were told “Can’t remember now,  I was pissed ” 

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