‘Make my packet of minced animal carcass look prettier!’ demand furious Sainsbury’s customers

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Sainsbury’s customers have reacted angrily after the supermarket chose to package their preferred style of minced animal carcass in a more environmentally friendly but less alluring manner.

With vac-packed mince now filling the chillers at the popular supermarket, consumers have been left angry that the product now resembles something that could have been squashed by the wheel of a car at the side of the road, rather than something that has been pushed through an industrial meat grinder.

Shopper Sharon Williams told us, “I’m not happy at all. Mince should look all neat, with little wavy lines of meat that separate nicely when I fry it, not a congealed bloody glob that leaves me with no choice but to think about the animal carcass it came from.

“I want to be tricked into thinking the thing I’m eating was produced in a lovely factory, or made from trees or something, not packaged up to resemble the ground up aminal parts it really is.

“You eat dinner with your eyes as well, and my eyes are telling me no more.”

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Meanwhile, alternatives have been suggested for those finding it difficult to eat the newly-packaged mince, such as just going ahead and buying a proper steak, or pussying out completely and buying veggie mince.