If we suspended every officer suspected of sexual offences we’ll never get anything done, warn Met Police

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Suspending every officer who was suspected of doing something wildly inappropriate with a member of the public will leave the service critically short of staff, the Metropolitan Police have confirmed in a statement today.

Responding to criticism following the guilty plea of Officer David Carrick to dozens of rapes while a serving officer, so soon after the conviction of Wayne Couzens, a spokesman for the Metropolitan Police admitted that suspending an officer every time a complaint was made against them would leave the Met with ‘pretty much’ no officers left.

“If whenever a plainclothes officer called some girls over to his car and then whipped his dong out meant we placed him on suspension, do you have any idea how few we’d actually have left?” said Detective Chief Inspector Simon Williams.

“And that’s before we spend the manpower to investigate these incidents. What with the cuts over the last decade, we’d need to double the size of the force just to investigate the outstanding complaints against our own officers, never mind arrest any actual criminals.”

When asked if that meant the Metropolitan Police did not consider serving officers committing crimes as ‘actual criminals’, DCI Williams replied “Kinda”.

The Grammar Police!