Donald Trump pleads guilty to impersonating a Cheeto

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Donald Trump has pleaded guilty today to charges of impersonating a Cheeto.

With news emerging yesterday that the former US President has pleaded not guilty to charges of falsifying business records, further news has now emerged that he will indeed plead guilty to impersonating a Cheeto on multiple occasions.

Lawyers for Trump confirmed, “He can’t get out of this one.

“President Trump will be entering a guilty plea for impersonating a Cheeto throughout the course of his 2015 election campaign, where he looked very much like a large Cheeto.

“This then continued during his presidency, where again, he closely resembled a Cheeto for almost all of his time in office.

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“Apart from a very short time after showering each day, before re-applying his false tan in order to look like a Cheeto.

“Unfortunately, he did not obtain permission to impersonate a Cheeto and has caused serious irreparable damage to the brand, which is now known for looking very much like Donald Trump.”

When asked why he decided to impersonate a Cheeto, we were told, “He likes looking like a Cheeto, what can I say?”