TikTok really taught a lesson with fine of several minutes earnings for misusing children’s data

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TikTok has been severely punished it is revealed today, with a fine of almost fifteen minutes of their revenue for misusing children’s data.

With news emerging earlier of a £12.7m fine issued to the platform for allowing underage children to use the site, bosses at TikTok have responded today to apologise and to tell everyone that they have really learned their lesson after being fined what equates to several minutes worth of revenue.

A spokesperson for TikTok confirmed, “That’ll definitely show us.

“We have really been taught a lesson here, and definitely won’t do it again any time soon after losing just over ten minutes’ worth of earnings.

“Or something like that anyway, I have no idea how much money we are making these days. It’s such a large amount we struggle to keep track of it.

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“However, we can confirm that we are really sorry for putting profit above the safety of young children in order to get more subscribers and not really checking their ages.

“Going forward, we will ensure that it is a little bit more tricky for our millions of underage followers to verify their accounts.

“And we’ll do that so that we don’t suffer any more prohibitively painful fines that we definitely didn’t pay by checking down the back of the sofa at HQ.”

Asked what stringent checks are now in place to ensure that users of the site are definitely over 13, we were told, “They have to get their older brother or sister to create an account or something, or use a fake ID.”