‘Self-identification’ suddenly okay now that Tory MPs are desperate to identify as anything except Tories

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Self-identification is suddenly okay, according to dozens of Tory MPs who are now trying to hide the fact that they are Tory MPs on social media.

Dozens of Tory MPs on social media have removed any mention of the Conservatives from their descriptions and images, even changing their entire colour schemes in the hope of identifying simply as “non-partisan” politicians.

Critics have pointed out that after a decade of repeated failures, the Tories have been left with no option but to fight the next election on a culture war platform, which includes denying the self-identification of the trans community; but now Tory MPs seem to think it’s okay to change who you are in the eyes of the world.

Simon Williams told us, “You can’t deny political reality; if you joined the Tories, campaigned as a Tory and then fought an election as a Tory, you can’t suddenly start the transition away from being a Tory a year ahead of the election.

“MPs can’t go around in a blue rosette one minute, then claim to be non-partisan the next. That’s now how self-identification works.

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“Sure, if they genuinely don’t want to be Tories any more, and want to transition away from their elected status, then that’s fine. There are many transitions available to them, and they will get plenty of support along the way from allies in their new communities. But it’s their behaviour that counts, not the colour of the rosette.

“Everyone can choose how they want to live their life, but they can’t pretend they’re not Tories while still walking, talking and voting like a Tory.

“Not if they don’t want to be called massive hypocrites at every turn.”

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