Teachers’ pay offer is derisory and they should continue to strike, insist schoolchildren

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A pay offer made to teachers is derisory, and they should all vote to strike, according to millions of schoolchildren today.

With news emerging earlier that the National Education Union has rejected a government pay offer, further news has now emerged of overwhelming support for further strikes by teachers, from children who should be in school.

School child Simon Williams from St Annes School, told us, “They should probably strike for a whole month. Just sayin’.

“I have seen the latest pay offer made to the teachers, and I don’t really understand it, to be honest, but it’s probably terrible, so they should all go on strike for a really really long time.

“And of all my friends agree.

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“It’s just not acceptable, and teachers need to stand their ground, by closing all the schools so we can play outside now the weather is getting better, and it’s light until after tea time.

“Obviously they should only schedule the strikes for when it’s sunny outside, to really show the government, and also try to do a Friday or Monday, so we get a long weekend.”

Asked what deal he feels would be acceptable for teachers, we were told, “Erm……  ten million pounds or something.  Otherwise, just keep striking.”