Soccer AM to be axed by Sky, years after everyone thought it had been axed by Sky

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Soccer AM is set to be axed by Sky it is revealed today, 15 years after everyone thought Sky had actually axed it. 

With news emerging yesterday that the once reasonably popular football show will be cancelled after 28 years, further news has now emerged that the show is still being shown every Saturday morning, despite nobody actually watching it. 

Producer Simon Williams confirmed, “Yeah it’s still on now, genuinely. I promise.

“Although I’m sorry to say not for long now that it’s been cancelled because nobody has watched it for years. Well, not since Lovejoy and Chamberlain were presenters, and it was actually pretty good.

“Obviously it’s crap now because we have completely run out of jokes and flogged the whole concept to death.

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“But we thought we would see how long we could get out of it before Sky finally told us it was over.

“We know lots of our present fans of the show will be bitterly disappointed and we can only apologise to each and every one of them.

Asked how many current regular viewers there are we were told, “Four.”

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