Shock as SNP set to announce H from Steps as new leader

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The SNP is set to stun the British political establishment with the shock announcement that they will be making H from Steps their new leader. 

After a fractious and irritable campaign, it seems the party has been unable to decide between the more right-wing Kate Forbes and the continuity candidate Humza Yusaf and have instead settled on a compromise candidate in the shape of 90s pop superstar H.

“I think there are very few people who could follow such a political titan as Nicola Sturgeon, but H from Steps is one of them,” said SNP member Simon Williams.

“Granted, he doesn’t have the front bench experience of Kate or Humza, but no one can deny he’s had more number one hits than both of them put together, and although outlier candidate Ash Regan can make a decent fist of Rappers Delight on the karaoke, H was in Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat.

“So, yes, having someone from Steps as the next SNP leader is a surprise, but really, looking at the political situation in the country and the party as a whole, H is the only sensible choice.”

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Mr Williams also took a moment to deny the rumour that Charlie from Busted was set to be made leader.

“Oh dear, no. We’d never do that – ‘What I Go To School For’ – was overrated rubbish.”

It is not the first time the SNP have taken their leader from the pop world, with John Swinney famously having played bass with Sleeper in the nineties.

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